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Cafe scraps pensioner special because of aggro from impatient elderly

The APS15-a-head deal proved very popular and led to long queues at the seafood restaurant.

Police admit officer did mistake paddling pool of goldfish for sharks

The truth is a little bit less exciting than the inspector made out.

Police called to help untangle seven baby squirrels after tails got knotted up

Cops separated the group aunder the watchful eye of mama squirrela.

Golfer miffed at being banned from course destroys green with weed killer

Glen Newton was furious at losing his membership at Woolley Park Golf Club in Wakefield last year.

Runaway iguana rescued from pub after scaling roof for a sunbathing session

Ronnie sailed up the walls of the Ship Inn before being safely returned to his owner.

Goldfish has APS300 surgery to have mass removed from its mouth

Bluebell likes to be hand-fed and will come to the surface for a back rub.

Parrot canat stop telling owner to af*** offa in northern accent

Scooby the lippy African Grey loves nothing better than telling his owner Lorraine Gregory to af*** offa.

Bricklayer solves mystery of the Castleford Croc arunning wilda in his garden

The good people of Castleford can rest easy once again - the mystery has been solved.

Swarm of bees kill 60 penguins by stinging them in the eyes

The 'fluke' incident saw them attacked on a beach in South Africa.

aFuneral homea sponsors advert urging people not to get vaccinated

But it's not quite what it seems...

Daredevil tightrope artist takes 70 metre high walk across River Seine

He started from the Eiffel Tower.

Boat left stuck in the air after getting marooned on rock in Channel Islands

It took around twelve hours to rescue those on board, who suffered minor injuries from the impact.

aNuna caught dancing with skeleton next to graveyard

There's something you don't see every day.

Fox filmed snatching pigeon at 10am on street in east London

Where's David Attenborough when you need him?

Talking duck learns to say ayou bloody foola after mimicking caretaker

That's right - not every duck wants to quack.

Man somehow swallows entire phone and then needs doctors to remove it

X-ray images show the phone after it was lodged inside for four days.

Michael Gove dances alike Mr Beana at 2am in Aberdeen nightclub

A doorman said he tried to avoid the APS5 entry fee, saying 'I am the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster'.

Frogs with rude name go on display at zoo to save them from extinction

They (apparently) look like something quite different.

Rat caught sneaking through cat flap is rescued and named Prince Charming

If you were at home, heard a scratching sound from the cat flap then spotted a rat trying to get inside, what would you do?

Woman sold the aworldas saddest bacon sandwicha for APS4.70 on Ryanair flight

She paid nearly APS5 for the sandwich.

Wally the Walrus gets behind wheel of boat after sinking two on European tour

Ay ay, captain!

Friday 13th: The other days deemed unlucky around the world

How superstitious are you?

How often does Friday the 13th occur?

A few facts about how often it comes around, when the next one will be and why it has such bad juju.

Goose flying upside down was showing off to friends, say experts

The young bird was just demonstrating its moves.

Can insects predict the weather? How ant, flies and spiders change their behaviour based on the forecast

Will you need an umbrella? Just ask your friendly neighbourhood spider!

Shop bans customers from paying with cash stashed in bras during heatwave

'Due to increasing temperatures, and for our own personal safety, we will NOT be accepting any bra money.'

Mum gets note from neighbour saying amy kids donat want to see your ass outa

Alex Taylor was stunned to find the anonymous note in Chelmsford, Essex.

Escaped python abites manas genitalsa after hiding in his toilet

What a way to start the day...

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